Can zomato continue its deep discounting strategy?

What is the marketing strategy of zomato?

Zomato runs Search Ad Campaign using Google Adwords. It targets keywords related to food, ordering online, names of restaurants and much more. It targets users whose intent is to get some food delivered to them. Along with this, it runs promotions on Facebook and Instagram to target users on these platforms.

How can zomato manage its stakeholders interest and provide value to its customer?

The company can consider diversifying its offerings and tap other segments. 7. In an attempt to gain the trust of stakeholders, Zomato can extend its membership for existing customers and partners for a period of two months.

What zomato Gold includes?

Basically, Zomato Gold is a membership program in which the consumers can avail exclusive deals at Gold-tagged restaurants, bars, lounges across the country. The subscription of the Zomato Gold membership will also allow the consumer to order any two complimentary drinks(alcoholic and non-alcoholic).

What is zomato Pro membership?

Zomato Pro is the membership programme through which user will have privileges and discounts on the best restaurants across dining out and delivery. This is in addition to exclusive privileges on the Zomato app and a unique money-back guarantee for all Pro members.

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Does SWOT analysis do Zomato?

Zomato SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

Zomato Brand Analysis
Zomato Opportunities Following are the Opportunities in Zomato SWOT Analysis: 1. Opportunity to expand to further more countries 2. Increasing internet penetration & number of smartphone users 3. Rapid technology development

What is the competitive advantage of Zomato?

Zomato has been able to obtain a competitive edge because it is extremely data-driven. It has been able to drive operational and commercial efficiencies like delivery time prediction, logistics optimization, ad delivery, and supply prioritization.

How Zomato retain its customers?

For a cherry on the top, you can offer some discount to them and help retain customer loyalty with Zomato and even impress some other to visit yours because they know you value customer and feedback both. … So in order to keep thriving, stay on the same page as your customer and let them know you value them.

Is Zomato customer centric?

Combining the above piggy-bank system with a partner-centric loyalty programme shifts the focus to loyalty rather than discounts. Zomato becomes a more transparent medium to connect customers directly to the restaurants.

Did Zomato gold really increase loyalty to restaurants?

Gold is no loyalty programme. The fact is that Zomato Gold was conceptualised as a discount programme, masquerading as a coalition loyalty programme. … Initially, participating restaurants were expected to offer as many free dishes as there were Zomato customers at a table.

Is Zomato gold and pro same?

Zomato Pro is the upgraded version of the Gold Programme. The members get discounts on dining out and delivery orders across the best restaurants. Zomato pro members get priority delivery of online orders as well. The benefits are available on the best resturants across India.

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Is Zomato gold worth buying?

If you love to eat and explore new food places then zomato gold is an excellent offer for you. To be honest, if you really eat out a lot and luve in a city where the partner restaurants are in abundance, go for it. Earlier I would’ve recommended everyone to go for it, but the cost seems to have increased exponentially.

Who is Zomato CEO?

Mumbai: Deepinder Goyal, who as cofounder and chief executive led Zomato Ltd. to a successful listing in July, has joined the board of Unacademy, the founder of the edtech startup said. Goyal is an existing investor in Unacademy and participated in its Series H round in August.

Can we use Zomato Pro twice in a day?

You can use Zomato Pro only once at each partner restaurant in a day. However, you can visit each restaurant as many times as you like during your membership duration.

Where is Zomato Pro option?

To check this, open your Zomato app and tap on the Pro option at the bottom of the screen.