Does Thrifty do AAA discount?

AAA Car Rental with Thrifty. Save on your next Thrifty car rental by taking advantage of your AAA membership. Use your AAA discount code, and always save 8% off the base rate* of all rentals, in addition to several other great benefits.

Which car rental companies offer AAA discount?

Wherever your travels take you, take advantage of the car rental deals, discount hotels and other money-saving benefits offered through AAA travel partners.


  • Hertz. Save up to 40% …
  • The Parking Spot. Save 20% …
  • Hertz. Save up to 40% …
  • The Parking Spot. Save 20% …
  • Hertz. Save up to 40% …
  • The Parking Spot. Save 20%

How do you get a Thrifty Discount?

What are the top ways to save at Thrifty Car Rental?

  1. Sign up to receive emails and save 15% off on the base rate of your next weekly or weekend car rental.
  2. Take advantage of the great discounts and benefits, exclusively for AAA Members.
  3. Get up to 10% off the base rate with the Prepay Rental Car Program.
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Is it cheaper to rent a car through AAA?

AAA Rental Car Deals Near You

AAA Members save up to 20% off base rates at the airport and at a Hertz Local Edition® location near you, when you include your designated AAA discount code (CDP#) in your reservation. … Young renters fee waived for AAA Members ages 20-24.

What is CDP code at Thrifty?

CDP Code, or Club Code, is a counter discount program. It is a program that a company establishes in cooperation with another company under which individuals with specified characteristics are entitled to rent a car with a discount, bonus or specal offer.

Does AAA do rental cars?

With AAA, we offer quality rental cars and deals at affordable prices — from SUVs to sedans, convertibles to coupes, pick-ups to ragtops. AAA’s fast, friendly service is always available to meet your needs, your preferences and, of course, your budget.

Does AAA cover rentals?

With AAA auto insurance, you are typically covered for rental cars up to your same coverage limits in the United States. … There may be instances where you want to purchase supplemental coverage from the rental car company.

Is Thrifty owned by Hertz?

Thrifty serves both the airport and local markets through company-owned stores and an expansive franchise network. In November 2012, Thrifty, along with sister company Dollar Rent A Car, joined the Hertz family of brands following Hertz’s acquisition of Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, Inc.

Is Thrifty and Dollar the same company?

Established in 1958 as Thrifty Rent a Car System, Inc., the company has grown steadily over the decades. Through corporately-owned and franchised stores, Thrifty now operates more than 4,000 locations in conjunction with parent company Hertz and sister company Dollar Car Rental.

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Is Thrifty Car Rental legit?

Thrifty and Dollar are as reliable as the other giant car rental companies like Avis and Hertz. Do be cautioned about the extra fees, taxes, tank charges. They can really mount up in the States.

What rental car company does not charge for under 25?

Under 25 fees are waived for members between the ages of 18 and 24 for Hertz and between 21 and 24 for Avis, Budget and Enterprise. Active, retired and honorably separated officers and enlisted personnel of the U.S. military are eligible for USAA membership. You have to be a member to benefit from the waiver.

Why are car rentals so expensive right now?

Rental car prices have been surging because demand is high and supply is low, both due to the coronavirus crisis and the chip shortage.

What is a CDP code?

Discount/CDP/Club Code: A counter discount program, or “CDP”, is a contract or program that has been established in cooperation with a company or organization under which individuals with specified characteristics are entitled to rent on rental terms that differ from those generally offered to the public.