How many times can I use a UNiDAYS discount?

Hi Timothy, you can use you UNiDAYS codes as much as you like in most cases.

Can you use UNiDAYS discounts more than once?

A multiple use code can be applied to your basket multiple times and can only be used by you. If you believe your multiple use code has stopped working, you can contact us.

Can you use a student discount code more than once?

FAQs. Can I use the discount more than once? … When you verify your status, you’ll be issued a promo code that can be used only once. When you’re ready to shop again, you can re-verify your status and receive a new promo code.

How many times can I use student discount?

As many times as you like.

Is UNiDAYS code one time use?

A single use code can be applied to your purchase once and can usually be re-issued once per hour by clicking ‘Get New Code’.

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How many times can you use student discount on UNiDAYS?

Hi Timothy, you can use you UNiDAYS codes as much as you like in most cases. The ASOS code should be reusable (ie you get the same code every time you log in) but we’re afraid their checkout can be a bit temperamental!

Can a teacher get a blue light card?

Do teachers qualify for the Blue Light Card? The bad news is, teachers don’t qualify for the Blue Light Card, which is a shame as it’s a handy card to have.

How long can you use UNiDAYS for?

In order to provide continuing access to the Services, UNiDAYS will require you to complete Verification from time to time. Where available, upon expiry of your student status, and for 12 months thereafter, you have the option to remain a Member through our GRADLiFE program.

How do I join UNiDAYS without being a student?

First, you need to either install the app or open the UNiDAYS website. You also will have to have your student ID handy and the email address which you use at your college or university too.

Is Totum and UNiDAYS the same?

Totum comes with a free one-year International Student Identity Card (ISIC) too – more on this, below. Unidays: this is an app rather than a plastic card, and it’s completely free to use. Anyone who’s 16+ and is studying at a university, sixth form or college can use it.

How many times can I use education pricing Apple?

Technically, only once per year for a computer.

Can you use student discount twice Apple?

Question: Q: can i use my education discount more than once

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Total product quantities remain the same regardless of where your purchase is made.

Does UNiDAYS count as student ID?

Students who attend college or university that are given a personal institution email address or credit card style student ID issued directly by their institution qualify for a UNiDAYS account. Students must be over the age of 16 to qualify for a UNiDAYS account.

How many times can you use ASOS student code?

Your discount can’t be used in conjunction with any other offer and you can only use one code per order, including our free delivery codes. ASOS reserve the right to terminate this discount without notice. Your student discount is non-transferable.

Can I use UNiDAYS discounts in store?

The free UNiDAYS App gives you instant access to student discount at home and on the move. When shopping in-store, just flash your UNiDAYS iD at the till point to redeem your discount — no student card required.

How do I verify UNiDAYS without a student ID?

What to Do if I Don’t Have a College Email ID? If you don’t have a valid institution email ID, click on Support and select “I don’t have an institution email address.” You can then verify your student status by using a Photo ID issued by your school, college, or university.