Is Black Friday connected to Tgwdlm?

Is Black Friday set after Tgwdlm?

TGWDLM takes place in Hatchetfield in October 2018, placing it in a different timeline to Black Friday. The first installment of the Hatchetfield Universe, this musical introduces the town of Hatchetfield and its inhabitants, following the story of a small group as they try to survive a musical apocalypse.

Is Black Friday in the same universe as the guy who didn’t like musicals?

It is the twelfth staged show produced by StarKid Productions and takes place in the same setting as their previous musical The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals, though in an alternate universe where the events of the previous musical never happened. …

Who played Charlotte in the guy who didn’t like musicals?


Character Los Angeles (2018)
Paul Jon Matteson
Emma, et al. Lauren Lopez
Ted, et al. Joey Richter
Charlotte / Nora / Deb, et al. Jaime Lyn Beatty

Is Hatchetfield a real place?

The tiny town of Hatchetfield is a fictional town located in Michigan and is the setting for Starkid’s Hatchetfield series. It is the main location of stories within the Hatchetfield Universe. The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals, Black Friday and all Nightmare Time and Nightmare Time 2 stories take place there.

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Is Jon Matteson married?

Matteson is a fellow of the Massachusetts Historical Society and has served as the deputy director of the Leon Levy Center for Biography. He married Michelle Rollo in 1991. They have a daughter.

Who voices tickle Wiggly?

He is played by Jon Matteson. As one of the Lords in Black, Wiggly has five siblings: Tinky, Blinky, Webby, Pokey and Nibblly. They reside in the Black and White with the Sniggles.

How old is Hannah in Black Friday?

Hannah is played by an actual 13-year-old actress (although she turned 14 during the run of the show, which led to Nick Lang joking she would have to be recast).

How old is Hannah Foster in Black Friday?

Trivia. Before Kendall was cast, Hannah was initially supposed to be 9 however upon casting Kendall Nicole they aged her up to 13.

What is Ted’s last name Starkid?

Theodore ‘Ted’ Spankoffski (also known as the Homeless Man) is a character in the Hatchetfield Universe, featuring in both The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals, Black Friday and Nightmare Time. He is played by Joey Richter.

Who plays Ted in the guy who doesn’t like musicals?

The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals has 8 cast members. Both Jon Matteson and Mariah Rose Faith make their debut appearance in a Starkid production.


Actor (*) Character
Jon Matteson Paul Matthews
Joey Richter Ted, Danny, Joey’s Hatchetfield Citizen, Joey’s PEIP Soldier, Rod

Who made the guy who didn’t like musicals?

We do not do open casting calls for our shows and do not take submissions.

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Is Uncle Wiley Wilbur Cross?

Wilbur Cross (also known as Uncle Wiley) is a character in the Hatchetfield Universe. He is a former member of P.E.I.P. and a loyal disciple of the Lords in Black. He features in Black Friday, Watcher World and The Witch In The Web and is played by Joey Richter.

How did Manion join StarKid?

“Fan-Turned-Friend” Robert befriended the group in 2012 through a songwriting competition for A Very Potter Senior Year with his winning song, The Wizard Duel. He also separately won in the category of costume design, without it being realized by the officiators that he was the same person in both categories.