Best answer: What is the code to get diamonds in free fire?

How do you get free diamonds in Free Fire?

Here’s how they work:

  1. Free Fire redeem codes. The most popular way of getting free diamonds and other in-game items in Free Fire is using redeem codes. …
  2. Booyah! App. …
  3. Google Opinion Rewards. Google Opinion Rewards app is among the easiest ways to earn free diamonds in Free Fire. …
  4. Poll Pay App. …
  5. Easy Rewards.

How do you get Free Fire promo codes?

Following is the list of the redeem codes for today for the Indian players of the Garena Free Fire game. Claim these latest codes to get attractive rewards.

Free Fire India Redeem Code.

Redeem Code Rewards
R9UVPEYJOXZX 3x Weapon Royale Voucher
FFGYBGFDAPQO Free Fire diamonds
BBHUQWPO1111UY Diamond Royale Voucher

How do I redeem my Free Fire 2020 code?

The official website of Free Fire Redeem is Players can visit the Redeem Website and login using Facebook, VK, Google and Huawei. The important points on the Redemption code will be given on the website.

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Who is DJ Alok in Free Fire?

In November 2019, Alok Petrillo became a character of Garena Free Fire under his name Alok and Song released Vale Vale with Zafrir. in August 2021, according to in-game info from Garena Free Fire Alok is the most used character in game.

How do you get unlimited diamonds in FF?

These are the few simple steps that you need to follow to earn diamonds in Free Fire.

  1. Visit Free Fire official website.
  2. Register yourself using Facebook.
  3. Make sure your Free Fire ID is linked to Facebook.
  4. Fill up the required details and create your account.

How do I get a free Cobra MP40?

Steps to get MP40 Predatory Cobra in Free Fire

  1. The MP40 will be up for grabs until 21 December 2021 (Image via Free Fire)
  2. First, select the Faded Wheel (Image via Free Fire)
  3. The first spin costs nine diamonds (Image via Free Fire)

Who is the king of Free Fire?

Gaming Tamizan (GT King) is the top player of Free Fire game in India. His real name is Ravinchandra Vigneshwar, and he is from Tamil Nadu. His Free Fire ID is 287597612. Ravichandra Vigneshwar played 16778 Squad games and won 3386 games.

How do you get free diamonds on Free Fire without top up?

How to get free diamonds in Free Fire without top-up or hacks

  1. Google Opinion Rewards. Google Opinion Rewards is one of the authentic ways to obtain in-game currency without paying any money. …
  2. Booyah! app. …
  3. Giveaways. Several Instagram pages and YouTube channels host regular giveaways. …
  4. Custom Rooms on YouTube. …
  5. GPT apps.
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Which is the best app to get diamonds in Free Fire?

Google Opinion Rewards is at the top of this list and is perhaps one of the best methods for gamers looking to obtain free diamonds in Free Fire. After setting up the profiles, users will be provided with surveys, which will reward them with Google Play Credits.

Which is the best gun skin in Free Fire?

Top 10 Best Gun Skin In Free Fire: Most Popular Gun Skins

  • Blue Flame Draco (AK)
  • Unicorn’s Rage (Golden Era) (AK)
  • VSS Vandal Revolt.
  • Megalodon Alpha (Scar)
  • Duke Swallowtail (AWM)
  • VSS Pink Love.
  • Climactic Red (M1014)
  • M4A1 Griffin’s Fury.

How do you get free emotes on Free Fire?

Getting emotes in Free Fire

  1. Get free diamonds and purchase emotes from the in-game store.
  2. Participate in activities that reward you with emotes.
  3. Take part in activities where you can get free diamonds.

How old is Alok?

The Hayato (隼人), which is Japanese for “falcon-people”, were a people of ancient Japan who lived in the Satsuma and Ōsumi regions of southern Kyushu during the Nara period.