Can you get NHS discount at Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

Discount already applied when you apply via – Purchase online and then show NHS badge upon redemption of order.

How can I save money at Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

How to Save Money at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

  1. Take advantage of special offers and discounts. …
  2. Don’t buy a wristband unless you really need one. …
  3. Consider a Resort Pass. …
  4. Shop around for the best hotel deals. …
  5. Think carefully before buying an Annual Pass. …
  6. Take your own drinks and snacks.

Do you get NHS discount at Blackpool Zoo?

Do you offer discount to NHS staff, the Armed forces or local residents? We don’t offer discounts other than to residents of FY1 – FY5 postcode areas as they are Blackpool Borough Council tax payers.

Do you have to pay to walk around Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

Visitors were free to enter the park and wander round, only paying if they wished to go on one of their rides. In 2009 the park changed their policy and introduced the Pleasure Beach Pass. … Unlimited Ride Wristbands give entry to the park and allow unlimited riding all day.

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Does Pleasure Beach have student discount?

Blackpool Pleasure Beach offer students a up to 46% off discount. Students can save up to 46% off at Blackpool Pleasure Beach with valid student ID.

What is the best day to go to Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

Visit on the quietest day possible

If you can, avoid visiting Blackpool Pleasure Beach during the school holidays and on Saturdays. Sundays and weekdays are usually the least busy, although you will find operating hours shortened and some rides closed or operating on shorter schedules.

What does Blackpool Pleasure Beach offer?

10% OFF Nights at The Big Blue Hotel. 10% OFF Adventure Golf. 10% OFF Ripley’s Believe It or Not! … 10% OFF Food in the Blues Brasserie: Big Blue Hotel.

Do you need to wear a mask at Blackpool Zoo?

Face Coverings are mandatory in indoor areas of the zoo (unless exempt). We are respectfully asking visitors who are showing symptoms of Covid-19 not to visit the zoo.

Can I take my dog to Blackpool Zoo?

We do not allow any animals to be brought into the zoo – guide dogs or assistance dogs can be looked after by our team – please go to reception on arrival and this will be arranged. … Clothing that we deem to be offensive to other visitors must be removed or covered whilst in the zoo.

Can you drive around Blackpool Zoo?

Arrival and Car Parking

An admission fee is charged at the Zoo as is a small parking charge (£3.00 per day). The car park has been completely resurfaced and now offers level, tarmac car parking for up to 400 vehicles including 12 dedicated spaces for those with disabilities.

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What can you do for free in Blackpool?

If you are visiting Lancashire, we’ve listed some of the best free things to do in Blackpool.

  1. Grundy Art Gallery. …
  2. The Comedy Carpet. …
  3. Promenade. …
  4. The Beach. …
  5. Penny Farm. …
  6. Stanley Park. …
  7. Free Heritage Open Days. …
  8. Piers.

Does Blackpool Pleasure Beach open in the rain?

nope. rides stay open in the rain. … they have a rainy day policy, see their website, but basically it says Should it rain for more than 3 consecutive hours during your visit to Blackpool Pleasure Beach, don’t let it dampen your spirits!

How much are non riders at Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

By purchasing a Blackpool Pleasure Beach Non-Riders pass for £6.00, you’ll be able to explore all the fantastic things that feature behind our gates!

Who owns Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Owner Thompson Family
Slogan “Serious about your fun”
Operating season 2020 season: Weekends: 15 February – 29 March 7 November – 13 December Daily: 1 April – 1 November
Area 42 acres (17 ha)

Is Blackpool Pleasure Beach a Merlin attraction?

Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Merlin Entertainments have joined forces to offer a combination ticket dubbed the Blackpool Resort Pass. Merlin’s seven Blackpool attractions, the five at the Tower as well as the town’s Madame Tussauds and Sea Life Centre, will be included in the ticket.

Is Blackpool Pleasure Beach busy in February?

Crowd notes

The most popular months are typically August, July and June, while September, March and February are normally quieter. To get the most out of your day we recommend arriving early and leaving late. Make sure to check the live queue times on our site throughout the day to stay ahead of the crowds.

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