Does Cricket Wireless have a senior discount?

Currently, Cricket Wireless does not offer a specific plan or discount for seniors. … Cricket Wireless’ 2 GB plan costs $30 per month, per line and includes unlimited talk, text, and data usage.

Does Cricket offer any discounts?

Learn how you can save when you are a part of the Cricket Nation. Cricket Wireless offers programs and discounts for multiline accounts such as Refer A Friend, Auto Pay credit setup, promotional discounts, and more for families and friends.

Does Cricket Wireless have AARP discounts?

Unfortunately, Cricket no longer offers AARP discounts or LifeLine.

How can I save money on my Cricket bill?

Here are 4 ways to save with Cricket Wireless:

  1. Auto Pay: Customers that enroll in Auto Pay on select plans will get $5* off their service every month. …
  2. Refer a Friend: …
  3. Ad It Up App: …
  4. Bridge Pay:

What are the cons of Cricket?

Another con about Cricket is that you cannot Hotspot with Unlimited. Now you can make the phone turn on Hotspot and it will work but note that it is Violation of their TOA and can suspend your account anytime they catch you use your hotspot. But in my experience Cricket does not really inforce Hotspot much.

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What free phones is Cricket offering?


  • moto g7 Supra.
  • LG Stylo 5.
  • Nokia 3.1 Plus.
  • Samsung Galaxy J2 Pure.
  • LG Harmony 2.
  • LG Fortune 2.
  • Motorola E5 Cruise.
  • Nokia 3.1 C.

Is it worth switching to Cricket?

If you don’t need much in terms of customer service and don’t mind a slight reduction in data speeds, then it’s worth it to switch to Cricket. But power users will likely prefer staying with AT&T for several reasons we get into in this guide. Likewise, if you need to lease a phone, AT&T is a better choice.

Does Cricket have a 55 or older plan?

Currently, Cricket Wireless does not offer a specific plan or discount for seniors. … Cricket Wireless’ 2 GB plan costs $30 per month, per line and includes unlimited talk, text, and data usage.

Does Cricket have a military discount?

Though it doesn’t offer a military discount, Cricket Wireless does have some of the lowest priced plans in the industry. For example, their Talk & Text plan provides unlimited calls and texts throughout the US, though it doesn’t offer data access. … They also offer their popular Unlimited Program.

Does Cricket have a phone trade in program?

If you’re a new Cricket customer you can trade in your current phone and receive credit for a new device and/or accessories (in-store only). Your phone just needs to have a working screen and can turn on to be eligible to trade in.

Does Cricket give you a discount for auto pay?

Sign up for Auto Pay and save up to $60/year!

Cricket offers a $5 monthly service credit for customers enrolled in Auto Pay with an eligible rate plan. … The credit is applied at the account level at the end of each month.

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Is Cricket add it up legit?

AT&T’s prepaid brand Cricket has ended a four-month test of an advertising and reward program from startup Adfone. Called “Ad It Up,” the program rewarded users who viewed advertisements with bill credits, prizes and other incentives.

What is Cricket autopay?

It’s simple. It’s safe. Just set up Auto Pay in My Account or in the myCricket app, and we’ll automatically charge your credit or debit card for your account’s service total each month.

Is Cricket Wireless shutting down?

Cricket Wireless is committed to supporting the growth of mobile Internet and providing the best customer experience. As a result, Cricket plans to end service on 3G (UMTS) wireless networks by February 2022. This will allow additional space on Cricket’s mobile Internet network.

Is Cricket slower than AT&T?

Cricket on Price, Coverage & Data. AT&T and Cricket are both very similar companies (they both ride the same network) and very different at the same time. You can think of Cricket as a discount version of AT&T with the main difference being the deprioritized, slower data network you’ll be on with Cricket.

Is Cricket better than AT&T?

Is AT&T or Cricket Better? AT&T has faster data speeds, more plan options, and better perks—whereas Cricket has more affordable pricing. It’s clear that in a head-to-head comparison, AT&T is the better carrier, although if your main priority is a cheap unlimited plan, then Cricket should be on your radar.