Frequent question: How do you get a senior discount at Shoppers Drug Mart?

What is the age for senior discount at Shoppers Drug Mart?

To be eligible for the discount, a customer must be at least 65 years of age. What is your seniors discount?

What is excluded from shoppers senior discount?

Discount excludes purchase of tobacco, lottery tickets, alcohol, gift cards, all prepaid card, transit/event tickets, post office transactions, prestige cosmetics, prestige fragrances, passport photos, cash back, delivery charges, all purchases made through non-participating 3rd party operations and any other products …

What day is Senior Day at Shoppers Drug Mart?

Seniors’ Day | Shoppers Drug Mart®

A Shoppers Drug Mart Exclusive: Seniors save 20% Every Thursday.

Are you a senior citizen at age 55?

In the United States it is generally considered that a senior citizen is anyone of retirement age, or a person that has reached age 62 or older.

Does Walmart Canada have a seniors discount?

Just like Walmart in the US, Walmart Canada, unfortunately, does not take senior discounts at any of its store locations or online. Alternatively, Canadian Walmart customers can get senior discounts at stores such as Michael’s, Home Hardware, Safeway, Farm Fresh, Tim Hortons, and Jean Coutu to name a few.

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What is the dispensing fee at Shoppers Drug Mart for seniors?

Patients who were asked to pay $2 will now pay $0. Patients who were asked to pay $6.11 will now pay $4.11.

How do you get 20x points at Shoppers?

On a typical day, you would earn 15 points for every $1 spent. With the 20x coupon applied, every $1 spent will net you 300 PC Optimum points. To get the 20x coupon, open your Shoppers Drug Mart or PC Optimum app.

Does Tim Hortons have senior discounts?

10% senior discount (60+) at many restaurants.

Does Rexall have a seniors discount?

Rexall™ is proudly Canadian owned and operated with pharmacies across Canada. Senior’s Day is available to all customers 55 years or more at any of our Rexall and Pharma Plus locations. It falls on every Tuesday, and rewards seniors with an additional 20% off their regular priced purchases on that day.

Does optimum offer a senior discount?

Optimum by Altice USA offers a 10% monthly discount on basic cable for seniors who qualify. To qualify, you must: Be 62 or older. If single, make $24,432 or less a year, and if married, make $29,956 or less a year.

How do Shoppers Optimum Points work?

All PC Optimum members earn 15 points per dollar on eligible purchases at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix. … All PC Optimum members earn 15 points per dollar on eligible purchases at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix. When you pay with your PC Money™ Account you will earn an additional 10 points per dollar.

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What age is considered senior in Ontario?

The Royal Ontario Museum: The ROM in Toronto offers reduced pricing on general admission to senior citizens who are 65 and older (source).

What benefits do you get at 55?

Here’s how getting older can save you money:

  • Senior discounts.
  • Travel deals.
  • Tax deductions for seniors.
  • Bigger retirement account limits.
  • No more early withdrawal penalty.
  • Social Security payments.
  • Affordable health insurance.
  • Senior services.

What is considered old age for a woman?

And how about folks in the United States, I asked? When are we considered old? For women, the old age threshold is about 73; for men, 70.