How do I get my Woolworths staff discount card?

Log into and you will find PlusClub on the homepage or visit – If you are a new member select ‘Register’ and follow the prompts. If you are an existing member simply select Login and fill in your member number (employee ID) and password.

Where do Woolworths employees get discounts?

Team Benefits

  • Team Member Discount – The Woolworth’s team member discount card gives you a 5% on purchases at Countdown Stores (NZ) and Woolworths Stores (AU)
  • Christmas Club – Countdown’s Christmas Club helps our team members to shop smarter by spreading the cost of Christmas throughout the year.

How do I activate my Woolworths staff card?

Yes, you can. Select ‘Activate Card’ for the card you want to activate; Follow the prompts. Once the card has been successfully activated, it will take up to 10 minutes for your card to be available through your Woolworths Money App.

How do I get a second Woolworths discount card?

If you can login to your Rewards account, follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to your Everyday Rewards account (if you are unable to login to your account see instructions below)
  2. Select “My Account” in the top right corner.
  3. Select “Cards & Accounts”
  4. Scroll to “Order a New Card”
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How do I link my Woolworths staff discount card to everyday rewards?

I have an account…

  1. Log in to your Woolworths Online account (please know that these account details may not the same as your Everyday Rewards account details)
  2. Select “My Account” in the top right corner.
  3. Select “Everyday Rewards” in the left options bar.
  4. Select “Link your Rewards card”

Does Woolworths staff get discount at Dan Murphys?

Yes, you can! To do so, follow the steps found on Dan Murphy’s Central here. It may take a few days to be registered properly. Please know that you don’t get discounts off items unless they are Pinnacle items.

Can you use your Woolworths discount card online?

To receive the 10% discount for online groceries orders, Credit Card holders must place a groceries order online during the Offer Period, have their Everyday Rewards card number which is printed on the back of their Credit Card linked to their Woolworths Online account and enter the promo code (which can be found at …

Do Woolworths casual employees get discounts?

Yes they have staff discount.

How much can I withdraw Woolworths?

A maximum daily cash withdrawal limit (including EFTPOS) of $1,000 applies for each card. transactions are limited to $200.

Can my family use my Woolworths discount card?

Discount Card is for personal/household use only and not for goods for resale. by the person whose name appears on the card.

What does Woolworths do for their employees?

Woolworths considers their employees a great deal. Advanced for training given, special discount on food and other items. And generally have a healthy relationship with its employees.

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Does Woolworths do salary sacrifice?

The Plan is a tax effective way to purchase Woolworths shares as participants are able to meet the cost of acquiring Shares via salary sacrifice, using pre-tax income rather than after-tax income. … This means you can not transfer your right to purchase Shares under the Invitation to anyone else.

Can you link Woolworths Rewards cards?

No, you can’t share or transfer Everyday Rewards points that are earned on separate accounts. But you could choose one account and order an additional card so that all future rewards are pooled. Everyday Rewards does allow you to link other Rewards cards to your account if you want to share fuel discounts.

How do I claim my Woolworths Everyday Rewards?

Log-in to your Woolworths Online account. Link your Everyday Rewards Card by going to the Everyday Rewards section within My Account. Hit “Link now” and enter your Everyday Rewards details to link your account. Once linked, you’ll see your card number and points balance.

How do I link my Woolworths Rewards card to my phone?

Just log in to your Woolworths Rewards account and go to ‘Cards and Accounts’. Look for the tab ‘Add your Rewards card to your phone’ and go from there. Your Apple device must be an iPhone 6 or later. Android devices need to have Kit Kat 4.4 or later.