How do you get a free pair of Crocs for healthcare workers?

Do healthcare workers get a discount at Crocs?

Crocs Healthcare Worker Discount 15% Off*

Crocs is proud to offer 15% off all full-priced styles to healthcare workers ( exclusions apply ).

How early can you get in line for crocs?

Those who have been successful at getting through recommend opening your browser to the website around 10:30 a.m. and leaving it up until the line starts at noon. You’ll have to stay in line until you are notified that you won, or once they have given away the allotted amount for the day.

Do first responders get discounts on crocs?

Cros is offering Healthcare Workers & First Responders a FREE pair of shoes. Head HERE and fill out the request form if you work for a Hospital, Fire, EMS, Police, Nursing, and more. Janitors and Maintenance employees are also included in this promotion.

What Crocs do nurses wear?

Best Crocs Shoes for Nurses and Healthcare Workers:

  • #1 – Crocs Women’s Neria Pro Embellished Clogs. …
  • #2 – Crocs On-the-Clock Clog Work Shoes for Nurses. …
  • #3 – Crocs Bistro Graphic Slip Resistant Work Shoes. …
  • #4 – Crocs Women’s Mercy Work Nurse Shoes. …
  • #5 – Crocs Women’s Felicity Clogs for Nurses.
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Can you get sponsored by Crocs?

The Crocs™ Online Affiliate Program allows you to generate advertising fees by linking visitors from your website to It’s also an excellent way to enhance your site and offer more value to your customers.

What does Crocs give you on your birthday?

Have a happy birthday with this $ off coupon at Crocs. Enjoy $15 off of a footwear purchase for your birthday when you sign up for Crocs Club by Crocs. For your birthday, take advantage of $15 off of a footwear purchase at participating Crocs locations.

What does the Orange Line mean Crocs?

Apr 2, 2020. The orange bar will move to the right as your turn gets closer. We have also discounted our Crocs at Work products so that you can purchase the shoes you’d like at a cheaper price.

Are Crocs good for feet?

Podiatrists generally recommend Crocs for short-term wear, but not for hours at a time. “Unfortunately Crocs are not suitable for all-day use,” Dr. … Hanson, III, co-founder and vice president of Crocs, told WebMD. “They also help people with injured feet, bunions, and diabetes.

How long do Crocs last?

It’s also sadly (or not, depending on your view of the divisive shoes) the reason the US shoe company has just announced plans to close 100 shops and axe 200 jobs: the resin-moulded clogs are so indestructible, one pair will apparently “last you for life”, which means no one’s buying them any more.

Does Crocs give a teacher discount?

Crocs is proud to offer 15% off all full-priced styles to teachers ( exclusions apply ). For instant access to this discount simply verify your teacher status with SheerID. It’s free! Each time you shop Crocs will verify your eligibility for an instant coupon code to be used at checkout.

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Does Crocs offer law enforcement discount?

Crocs shoe retailers offer 15 percent off for first responders.

Do Crocs do student discount?

25% Student Discount at Crocs.

Can CNA wear Crocs?

Crocs Work Clog

Another affordable option is the Croc Work Clog. A word of caution first – many a CNA has slipped and fallen on wet floors wearing regular crocs, the flat soles and squishy foam are a recipe for disaster if the ground is at all wet. The work clog does not have this problem.

Are Crocs good for nursing?

Several nurses recommended Crocs, noting that they’re an affordable shoe that is easy to clean. The brand’s classic clog style is a popular choice, and Crocs helped donate over 860,000 pairs to medical workers all over the country in 2020.

Are Croc clogs good for nurses?

Nurses and hospital workers are on their feet for several hours at time so they need something that provide a comfortable footbed, easy to get on and off and are durable. Crocs has the best nursing shoes to help keep you comfortable throughout your entire shift!